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With reference to the broadcast of the State President last night, the 35 border posts to be closed down are, with the exception of Nerston, all non commercial or non designated borders. The impact on trade is thus very low.
We will appreciate your engagement with your trade clients to inform them accordingly and, in the case of Nerston, redirect them to Mahamba (99km south) or Oshoek (111km north).

2020-03-1610:10  InformationInformation
An issue is being experienced with Customs Supporting Docs
An issue is being experienced with declaration and cargo processing
An issue is being experienced with declaration processing

There was an issue with the SARS MQ system, resulting in the loss of some transaction, please resubmit transactions where no CONTRL messages were received

2020-03-0207:00  InformationResolved
Issue being experienced with declaration processing

The NEW SARS EDI Bulletin Board is fully operational

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